Iligan City: Turn of Events

Due to unfortunate events, we missed to visit the renowned waterfalls of Iligan City. The Maria Christina Falls where hydroelectric power is generated and the world class wonder of Tinago Falls, the production site of the movie of KC Concepcion and Sam Milby.
With high hopes and optimism we still insist to our driver to roam around in Iligan even though there’s a threat of Storm surge Agathon. Better luck next time

And the unexpected activity happened. We enjoyed the trekking and zipline activity located at the top of Mimbalot Falls. Lucky indeed
We started our day watching local news about the weather condition in Cagayan de Oro and its neighboring provinces. Pursuing our journey with heavy downfalls of rain makes us worry to what in store for us when we reach Maria Christina and Tinago Falls.

“Your lives are more important than the view” if my memory serves me right that’s the exact words that the tourism officer of Maria Christina Falls told us at the entrance gate of the said eco-park. The road off to the drop point of the falls is blocked by the recent land slide.
Mimbalot Falls

We waste no time and headed directly at Tinago Falls. Two young man waves at a distance expressing “NO ENRY” at the vicinity. Our driver communicated with their local dialect about our desire to explore the area, I understood some of the words and I interpreted it that the way down to the falls is dangerous and slippery due to continuous rain.

Maybe our driver felt our longing for adventure and he did his best to satisfy our lust for adrenaline rush. Karen informed the group about the nearest falls in the area and our driver locate it effortlessly.

The energy bar turns high as the group trekked bound to Mimbalot falls. Our initial plan was just to frame the said waterfalls, have our solo and group picture and go to the nearest cold spring in the district.

When we’re ready to leave, an old lady who’s a volunteer shouted to us that we needed to register way up and see the other attraction.

What surprises us most is when we saw a zip line machine posted at the top of the waterfalls connected to the other side of the mountain. Jaw breaking scenery!

By pair we tried the short course activity going to the other side of the Mountain and going back to the jump off.

Selfie with friends | Chillax
I partnered with Yap, the moment we began zip lining I yelled at my friends “Hey! Picture us, Picture please”. The both of us agreed that the spectacular view up there is priceless, seeing the nature in motion. Here I am again wishing to have a GoPro camera to capture the once in a lifetime experience.

Going back to the starting point, we saw a man trying a nerve breaking see-saw in the cliff just in the name of adventure. Heavenly view of the mountain range, waterfalls and the sea.

We left the place with so much happiness, indeed an unexpected journey and another story to tell. We ate at the near restaurant and rested at the near resort recalling our past trip as we marked our last day in Mindanao. Goodbye! Hoping to visit Iligan soon feeling the blazing heat of the Sun.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Yes, we did missed the opportunity to explore the places included in our itinerary but promising to ourselves to rewrite our Northern Mindanao Adventure. When you’re in Iligan, seize the moment to buy Chedeng’s Peanut and Michelle’s Silvanas both known in the province. Till next time, Thanks for reading my post.

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