Pahiyas of Lucban, Quezon: The Overloaded festivity of Southern Luzon

Given the opportunity and time to travel with cool people, it will be a pleasure on my part. Ahead of time, my office-mate Sheen invited me and our other team mates to experience the famous Pahiyas in Lucban, Quezon.

Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every 15th day of May for good harvest dedicated for their patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. According to some oral and written record, the said event started in early 1500. In present time, the festivity captures the attention of tourist and travelers alike to see and experience unique features of Pahiyas. Every year, the organizers of the said event select certain route in the town proper for the parade. The event includes, the best designed and decorated house [main contest], Bikas Gayak [Best dress made in organic/raw materials] and Pancit Habhab Feista-val along side with marching bands and majorette. To sum up, the year’s theme is Grabo Lucban that pertains to the colorful fair of Pahiyas.
Kipings | Lucban
Having said the events in Pahiyas, together with my travel buddies Budz, Mikko, Ashley and Kuya Rodel we invaded the province of our office-mates Sheen and Hencel for a memorable day trip in the southern part of Luzon - Lucban, Quezon.

After shift [12 midnight], we traveled south via Lucena route. Jac Liner offers 24 by 7 services, another option would be the Sta. Cruz loop, the first trip off to the said destination would be 5 o’clock in the Morning and from there, there’s jeepney bound to Lucban. Going back, the fare as of May 15, 2015 off to Grand Central Terminal in Lucena is 210 pesos and an estimated 4 hours travel. From the said station we’ve hopped in another vehicle, this time we ride jeepney bound to Lucban proper [30pesos].

Since, its Pahiyas, vehicles are not allowed to enter the main streets of the town and the route of the parade on the said day. We walked and locate the home of our friend seeing along side the colorful *kipings hanged in every house, we're all excited for the whole day event .Just in time we reached Sheen’s place and take some nap. Regenerate.

Little Miss Sunshine in Lucban, Quezon
For breakfast, we ate the famous Pancit habhab and homemade suman [rice cake], after loading our tummies. We headed in the streets of Lucban to take pictures and experience ourselves the world class celebration of Pahiyas. We neglect the heat of the blazing sun as we filled our eyes with so much creativity of the locals. Aside from the traditional kipings, fresh vegetables and fruits were artistically ornamented in the walls and windows. I must say, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. 

We also, seized the moment to grab stuff known in Lucban I, myself bought Noodles [Pancit Habhab], Budin [Cassava Cake] and Lady’s Finger [Broas]. While my other friends bought longanisa, honey and other delicacies. Sweet tooth 
Selfie with the winner | Credits to Kuya Rodel Lovedorial

After our shopping spree, we went back again to Sheen’s home for merienda [snack] followed by the mouth watering lunch, they serve dishes namely Habanera, Embotido, Lechon Baboy, Potato Salad, Custard Cake and Gelatin. No diet and excuse, this day is dedicated for indulging myself. Yummy yummy yummy!!!

As per schedule, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon the procession will start at the Church. Indeed, Pahiyas is one of the much awaited Fiesta in the Philippines as the load of the tourist speaks for itself but we still managed to advance forward and get inside to the church to catch some fresh air. Crowded. 
Candid in Pahiyas
Bikas Gayak
We watched the marching bands, the beautiful faces and body of the contestant of Bikas Gayak, the nerve breaking parade of horses and carabao, and resourceful float of Pancit Habhab. Time seems to stop as it marks the end of the activity. We really enjoyed every single moment in Lucban from street photography that we did, shopping, food trip and loading our eyes with so much color in the parade. I’ll surely remember and visit next year.
Top Load | Credits to Budz
Around 5 o'clock in the afternoon we walked bound to the terminal going to Lucena Grand Central. Budz, Kuya Rodel and I decided to ride at the top of the jeepney also known as TOPLOAD. I used to experience this during College days and I take the opportunity to feel the wind and speed once again. A  relaxing sensation that clears my mind and soul as if I'm flying and being one with the air. Thank you Lord, Let's call it a day!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Pahiyas is the very first Festivity that I've attended for this year and I am blessed and thankful to my friends who invited me to be with them. Next year, I highly recommend to everyone to grace this event and you’ll guys be fascinated with the colorful designs and decorations in every house in Lucban. It’s truly amazing. 
See you next year | Grabo Lucban: Payihas 2014
*Kipings - this is made from grained rice mixed with food coloring and molded to big leaves.
Trippers in Lucban

Buendia [JAC LINER] to Lucena Grand Central Terminal - 210
Lucena Grand Central Terminal to Lucban - 30
Longganisa - 70 / 140 [6/ 12 pcs]
Cassava Cake - 3 for 100php
Broas - 70 /150 / 230 - [Small/Medium/Large]
Kipings - 75php

*****Other Photos*****
Grandness of Lucban
Shades of happiness
Colors of beauty
My Travel Buddies | HP peepz | Lucban | Pahiyas

The Author | Selfie | Pahiyas 2014 | Okay

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