Deca Wake Clark Cable Park: Baron in Motion

While I’m travelling bound to Pampanga, I’m glaring at the window while the bus is moving fast. I remember those times that I used to travel once a month to explore and experience new places and activity respectively. I am thankful to feel again the sensation of adrenaline rush of balancing in a board while holding a cable connected in a towing machinery. Wake boarding in the North and I’m refreshing my skills with this water sports for the second time around.

From Cubao, locate bus terminal that has an access to Dau, one would be Five Star Lines. Fare as of August 18, 2014 is 139 pesos. In Dau find Caltex gas station, ride jeepney parallel to the said site with SM Clark signage [minimum fare]. I’ve personally noticed the color coding of every public utility jeepney in the area, beige body paintings with Friendship Gate route would be followed after dropping off to SM. There’s two option going to DecaWake Clark Cable Park, first transporting via tricycle fare is 40 pesos and second, red colored jeepney with Angeles-Sapangbato direction is the last ride off to the entrance gate of a developing subdivision, just walk a few meters and the gigantic structure of the towing machine of the said sports complex will summon enthusiast alike to do the balancing act.

DecaWake Clark Cable Park is actually constructed in Margot, Angeles City Pampanga near the boundary of Freeport zone of Clark.    

DecaWake Clark Cable Park is open Mondays to Sundays, 9:30 in the morning till 5:30 in the afternoon. Rates varies depending in the number of hours staying inclusive of the usage of the equipment such as the board, helmet and vest as well as there’s a 100 – 200 pesos differential in weekends and holidays. See details below for further information.


A long overdue plan with my friend, Benson to try wake boarding in Deca. We both experienced the ambiance and the sports in Republic [Nuvali, Laguna] separately. The perfect date was set and we’re so excited to be towed and maneuver the board in the man-made water facility. From time to time we’re sharing our thoughts, I do my research in locating and knowing the availability of the site while Benson updates me of the participant of this event.

All set
The days of all days came and we finally entered the vicinity of Deca Wake Cable Park with Reg, Benson’s office mate. As we walked towards the reception area, my heart pumps as I saw the machinery towing the players while doing their acts in the obstacles, I've told myself “awesome, hoping to perform like them”. We've paid for the whole day access and leaves Benson’s driver’s license as deposit in the counter.

Without further delay, we've changed clothes and headed directly at the Beginners corner liked in Republic Water Park, there’s separate course and location for Pro’s and Newbies. Rectangular shape spot and semi-circular obstacle course for novice and elite respectively.
Cable Park | Pro's Division

I’m quite nervous remembering the balancing stunt I've done in Republic a years back. Together with Benson we've asked the operator and his assistant what we should do to balance properly and lucky us to be accommodated since there's only us and another player during that time.

The friendly assistant shared to us a little trick in attaining the so called proper balance in the wake board. As they shout the “go signal” the player should be toes up to flip forward the board, in the professional circle the technique is called “edging” , relax the arms and shoulder as the towing machine pulls the player to the other side, all along the course as novice bend the knees or somewhat in sitting position for stability.

I’m really persistent and I felt it too with Benson. We've tried so hard to perform well and get the “balance” we don’t mind to be wiped out, the more we failed to balance and stand, the more we determine to try all over again. No pressure at all, since we have a day access to practice.

After several failures, we both managed to cross the beginners spot, I whispered to myself “finally” with smile in my face.

The challenge now is how we will return back and forth. The towing operator instructed us to maneuver the board outside the [white] floating ball as we timely rotate the board in the opposite direction, wait till the tension of the cable kicks, flip the wake board, relax, balance and repeat.

Seems easy, returning back is a different story. For nth times I flopped as well as Benson which only means were more energetic to know-how the new technique presented to us.

I've succeeded to move away in the floating ball and turns my board, my problem would be the gradual change of pulling of the machinery. The attendant advised me to wait and just relax [always], it’s all about timing. I can balance “Yes” incorporate the impromptu timing and repeat the cycle.

As I've listened attentively with his friendly reminder, I smoothly balance and turns back and forth my board in the newbies’ corner. Childlike feeling to be able to achieve stability and somehow familiarize with the said water sports. A sense of immediate fulfillment in my part and I must say I’m enjoying every failure and success with my board.

Artist design 
Doing wake-boarding without rest is really exhausting, the three of us decided to have lunch in the cafeteria inside the water complex. Located at the second level above the reception area. Sandwich for me while Benson and Reg ordered rice meal. The price range are reasonable from 50 to 250 pesos and taste well.

The place is really cozy, I must confess. They've incorporate the sports in the design with graffiti wall to accentuate the total vibe of the room with big sliding glass doors overlooking the whole area watching the spectacular stunts of the Pro.
Graffiti Wall 
My favorite shot! background is blurred! haha
I must admit that I'm lovin' the lay back atmosphere of the wake park, it's so relaxing, hoping I could stay in the area for a week or so to practice more in the board and to do some dangerous stunts. Wishing

Right after our quick lunch, Benson dare me to do the elite course. Big “Yes” and challenge accepted.

Benson is really good! He managed to balance almost 100 meters from the starting line while I've attempted to do knee boarding for the very first time. Funny though feels like horseback riding due to wrong body position. After wiping out I was laughing by myself “it was a memorable experience”.

The Author
As I returned to the waiting area, I've decided to use the wake board once again observing the elite doing their 180 and/or 90 degree jump start. I was thrill just the mere fact, for the first [again in this day] I will do the pro loop. Chills to my bone.

The cable operator told me to be ready and as he handed over the cable rope I felt a different tension, much stronger compared with the beginner’s machinery. Next thing I know I’m in the water, catching for my breath.  That was a blast, way difficult.

No one can stop me from learning. For nth I've failed but I’m analyzing the moves I’m doing and combining it with my observation. I took all my courage, focus in the board and cable and as the operator signals me to be ready. I flip the board, relax and control the tension maintaining my balance by frequently standing and bending. I’m progressing! I’m moving forward! I’m speeding up! I’m far away in the holding area and as I near in the corner turning left, the tension once again shift higher that cause me to lose control with my wake board as I submerged in the water, an overwhelming sensation covers my body! I made it!

The life guard shouted at me! He caught my attention. He told me that I should bend my knees a little bit, transition my weight in the right as I turn left, stay focus and always relax. I thanked him, keeping in mind his pointers as I ran happily towards the starting point.

Benson and Reg congratulate me, all along we’re expecting my attempt to be a bluffer. Again and again, I've practiced to shift my mass in the other side as I turn, I surpassed almost three floating ball turning to the other side of the pro loop when I lost my control with the cable. I set a new record for myself and a big grin in my smiling face. I’m blessed.

Keeping in my mind to focus, I've tried again and few meters from the starting area, I suddenly stopped and let go of the cord. I heard concern voices as I grabbed my board saw in the fins the tangled rope of the other cable. I said and made okay sign to the crowd. Thanked God I’m safe and sound.

I took a quick rest, sit in the lodging area and grabbed my camera to frame the cool feats of the pro, hoping to do the full loop. I know for a fact that it will take few trainings but I will definitely return for more action.
elite's in motion
Till next time
One last ride and I’m good! It’s almost 5:30 in the afternoon when I've did my last stunt having in mind all the learning's I've accomplished that day. One last try

There’s separate shower and changing room both clean with modern structure design. As I've finished to clean and changed clothes I visited the reception nook to check some wake boarding stuff. I’m really fascinated with this water sport that I wanted to return soon.

Inside the reception area
AUTHOR’S NOTE: I missed travelling, writing and taking pictures. This rare opportunity to try different sports is really relaxing, a breath of fresh air from my daily training. To be honest I enjoyed so much though my shoulders and legs feels the pain of the whole day activity. I paid for excitement as a result I've acquired new sets of skills to be honed the next time I’ll visit the water park. This is just less than 2 hours ride from Metro Manila, experience yourself the thrill in balancing. I prefer going in weekdays as expected weekends is always crowded. Thanks for reading my post. It’s been a while, I know, but hoping to have a new entry two weeks from now. I will explore new province soon and will share my thoughts here. Again, thank you!

******* OTHER PHOTO *******
See you Soon

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