Sunken Cemetery: My Pledge in the Cross

Given the opportunity of time and wealth, I would gladly travel the Philippines to explore its well-known and underrated beaches, pre-historic structures, towering Mountains and waterfalls and meet new acquaintances along each trip. I've started my year 2014 by fulfilling my aspiration to discover new paradise that I never been and I thought I’ll just imagine those places in my dreamland hoping one day I’ll set foot in that place.

Together with my friends, we save certain amount from our salary to fund our one week vacation in Northern Mindanao and we’re all excited to take the opportunity to visit Camiguin.

Thesis mate with Julius [at the leftmost side]
The days of all days came and we've reached the preserved island of Camiguin, as if time stopped in 1960s seeing old houses and churches along our road trip going to our transient house.

The local government boosts the tourism of the province and build facilities to accommodate visitors alike. Concrete road, complete water and electric supply, organize ferry and van terminal. Convenience it is

Accessibility, comfort and convenience all in one journeying in this province.

Right after our short joyous White Island visit we’ve traveled across the sea to locate the prominent landmark in Camiguin – Sunken Cemetery

The 20 feet towering cross in the sea signifies the graveyard of the town that been destroyed due to the eruption of Mount Vulcan Daan in 1871 and in 1982 the construction of the said landmark has been completed. In present time, it becomes a tourist attraction and added up popularity in Camiguin.

Aside from some remaining tombs under the sea, the surrounding of the cross is rich with marine life and formation that ideal for snorkeling and underwater photography.

As we sailed away with the said structure I promise to myself that one of these days will visit again Camiguin and roam around the places I've missed to explore. A pledge to fulfill 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've been in different provinces in Luzon and Visayas, I've personally noticed that the local cemetery of every town is always situated near the sea or body of water. There's an old Filipino practice and belief that the soul of the deceased will journey in the flowing water and be reunited with their Creator. Trivia

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