Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon: The One Minute Challenge

Any means of physical activities that will fuel up my adrenaline rush is a must do in my checklist so the moment I've heard and seen videos about an adventure park in Bukidnon my eyes and mouth widens, hoping as soon as possible I’ll experience myself the longest zip line in Asia and the nerve breaking drop zone ride.

To fast forward the story telling, I was assigned by my friends to come up with a 6 days awesome itinerary for the much awaited annual event to be held in Northern Mindanao.

First place to pop up in my mind is Dahilayan Adventure Park and I've scheduled it in the middle of our trip to balance the activities that we will be engaging.
Conquering the longest zip line in Asia

We kicked off our day 4 tour travelling in Bukidnon with signal number 1 advisory in Cagayan de Oro and neighboring provinces but still we pursue our desire to try the thrilling ride of the said theme park. Offering different outdoor activities that surely fasten your heart beat.

Journeying in Bukidnon with heavy rain took us 2 ½ hours due to muddy route but still with great view of Del Monte plantation as well as the countryside of the said province and overlooking Mount Kitanglad. Upon our arrival, we've felt the cold breeze of the area experiencing the same weather that Baguio and Tagaytay offers and the rainfall added up a somewhat freezing sensation to all of us.

The Longest Zip Line | Okay
We waste no time and headed directly in the ticketing booth to avail all the rides that the site has. The cashier sadly told us that due to continuous rain in the region, the drop zone was temporarily closed. The said machinery is operated using solar energy. We've still follow our lust for a fun ride and we've availed the all in zip line package for 600 pesos.

Included in the package is the longest dual zipline course with 840 meters in length beneath the developed forest range and the 360 degree panoramic view of Dahilayan, followed by 320 and 150 meters completing the extreme rope ride.
Conquered the 320 meters zip-line 

From the lodging area we've ride a multicab bound to the highest and starting point of our first ride. Everyone is excited except for Karen who’s nervous to experience the longest zipline in Asia. Arem and I, managed to persuade her to be optimistic and conquer her fear with heights at the end she bravely accepted the challenge. A minute of screaming and smiling

By turns in superman position we shout for so much enthusiasm and release all the fear inside replacing with 100 % pleasure of adrenaline rush. Wishing for one more try and this time hoping to have GoPro camera with us to capture breath taking scenery as well as the memories of the trip.

Hey! Yell if you want no one cares to bother, after all shouting “Thank you Lord I experience it” is the most joyous and memorable feeling to be shared

Classy @ Pinegrove Mountain Lounge
After the third ride, there’s a cable car waiting to all the finisher.  It’s inclusive in the package.

We've grabbed our photos and certificates and headed to Del Monte Country Club for photo op and have our lunch in the near restaurant still raining.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We missed the drop zone and other activities due to the weather condition when we’ve visited CDO I just promise myself to try it all over again in the near future. There’s country club in Dahilayan Adventure Park named Pinegrove Mountain Lodge, cozy and classy place to stay with when planning to have an overnight there.

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